Giving a Cow


This family has three children and earn only $40 a month. They needed a cow to provide milk, cheese, and yogurt for the children. We purchased this cow and calf to provide the food and to be able to sell milk to meet other needs The father had tears running down his face when we left.

School Invitation


Because of our work with students and the projects we’ve done at the high school (we painted all the classrooms one year), we are invited into classes to interact with students and answer questions. It’s a great time to meet new students, build relationships, and invite them to our summer English camp.

New Doors


We hired three carpenters who provided and installed the needed doors at a reduced price. Because we were helping the family, they wanted to help as well. They also sealed all the windows at no cost. We also provided for a medical exam and needed glasses for the youngest boy.

Working with the Local Government


We met with the mayor of the region who said he has heard a lot about our work. We said, “we are a small organization trying to help the people of Kosovo.” He said, “Yes, but you have a big heart. How can I be of help to you?We also worked along side the mayor and students to help pick up garbage along the roads in the area.