Playground Project

The goal of the playground project is to repair one of the few playgrounds in Tetovo, Macedonia. We have partnered with a church in London that helped build it two years ago. This project took an unexpected turn when a man claimed he own some of the land the playground is on and angrily demanded we stop working. Even though the man doesn’t want to do anything with the land, he refuses to give permission so we can fix the playground. After many meetings with different local officials, the entire project stopped. Another man offered to transport the equipment to a nearby village school that doesn’t have any playground. We met with the school and village officials and we agreed to move the playground there. The man doing the metal work and men from the school have gotten the equipment put in quickly. The school in Trebosh has 200 students, grades 6-9, in the morning, and another 200 students, grades 1-5, in the afternoon. The students were so friendly and excited to meet us. We went into several of the classrooms where some of the students introduced themselves in English. Several times the teachers said this was the first time that Americans had been in the room and the first time that the students were meeting Americans.
Macedonia 1

Macedonia 2

Photo Project

We put on a photo class to help students learn how to take better pictures through instruction and practical experience. We had a great time with the students and all together we took over 4000 photos in 4 days.


Going to the US


The regional mayor has asked us to help students visit the US. We partnered with an organization in Atlanta for their visit. This is a picture of 19 students and their parents at a meeting before they left in October for four weeks. They all had attended our summer camp and had to have an “A” average. The local government paid their airfare.

School Invitation


Because of our work with students and the projects we’ve done at the high school (we painted all the classrooms one year), we are invited into classes to interact with students and answer questions. It’s a great time to meet new students, build relationships, and invite them to our summer English camp.

School Patio & Walkway


With a team of students, we laid over 20,000 bricks to make a walkway and a patio for the high school.


Teaching Conversational English


One of our primary projects each year has been helping in the classes in the English school that we helped a Kosovar man start in 2001. Groups come and participate in different stations and activities. Each of the six station focuses on helping students speak and express English through various games and activities.